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‘One on One’ Online Training/Coaching makes it possible to work with me wherever you are in the world! Join the numerous people around the country who have a fitness coach without being tied to a gym, workout in your own time in your own space, or in your back garden's gym with the accountability of a personal trainer to keep you on the right track and optimizing your fitness.

My programme isn’t a plan that I took off the shelf, this is a tailored plan designed for you.

Become my next online training client and get the full benefits of having a 1 on 1 personal trainer. To learn more about the benefits of having a personal trainer and why, click here

My distance 1 to 1 Personal Training and Programme is the perfect alternative for individuals who are not able to workout on their own while away from gym. With Online and Distance personal training you can work out from the comfort of your house.
Upon an initial voice or video call consultation and assessment you are given a tailored fitness programme that is designed specifically for you, dependent on your needs and goals whether it is weight loss, general fitness or core strength. whether you have access to any training kit or not, i will customised the programmes based upon your abilities and fitness level. Click Here to Book a No-Sweat Consultation


Your programme will be designed around you and your goals aka tailored, if you want a programme to do in a gym, if you want to do at home with a limited equipment or non, I lay the programme around what you have. All of my programmes are planned for each client. Not ‘one fit for all’. 

The follow up programme that i'm going to give you is great for motivated individuals who can successfully work hard on their own without me being there. As part of your online fitness programme you will also be given nutritional guidance with video calls, emails and texts to support you during your time as my client!

 Your progress is dependent upon hard work and keeping records and being accountable to yourself and me as your trainer.
Your personal fitness programme design include;
•    Consultation and assessment,
•    Progressive fitness programming
•    Warm-ups
•    Mobility strategies
•    Fitness App Access
•    Support and Follow Ups


This Programme allows you to work out from the comfort of your house or office when you don't have access to a gym or if you are supper busy to go out and do your workout with me face to face. while benefiting from working with me as your coach, you are responsible to take action on the plans, diet programmes that I'm going to design and so on so forth. it is all about you and putting effort into work. otherwise this is not for you. having said that, i will be here to give you all the support you need to achieve your goal.

To learn more about personal training and why you should hire a personal trainer, click here

The problem most people face is doing the same workouts day in day out without any progression. In this program I teach you how to progress and keep your body stimulated so you don’t plateau.
CONSULTATION - I do assessments throughout the programmes to ensure you are making the necessary changes required to get you to your end goal. 
We discuss your goals, map out a plan of action and make sure that you are hitting small targets first i.e. nutritional changes, small progressions in your training so that

I am able to push you even more and

ultimately reaching your end goal.
WORKOUTS - my workouts incorporate

many methods of training including resistance

training with weights or your own body weight,

cardio, Kettle bells, Boxing, HIIT training. This

variance of working out allows you to have many

tools at your disposal, keeps your body guessing and

working to its max, and workout is designed to release your

optimal hormonal output for ideal body composition changes.

NUTRITION  - you nutrition is designed and customised to your specific needs for the goals we discuss throughout your plan. I will make changes to your plans after the assessment and if it is needed. I will have a good chat with you to make the plan fit into your lifestyle not the other way round.

YES - It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, the programme and assessments are to make the programme tailored to you. The only person you are competing against is yourself, I will move you forward at your own pace so you get the best possible outcome from your programme.

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