Health Benefits of Boxing

Physical activity in any form, even taking a walk around the block, is healthier than sitting on a couch. However, not all forms of activity are created equal. Boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports on your lungs, heart and muscles. If you can make it through this hard work you'll be rewarded with health benefits like a longer life expectancy, less stress and more muscle.                                         

About BoxleanX


A combination of boxing moves and aerobic exercises to get a great all-over workout in a safe, non-competitive and non-contact boxing environment. BoxleanX Online Class packs a  punch with intense physical activity and a motivating environment to train your way to fitness and well-being.

Aerobic Conditioning

It's not uncommon to see a boxer glide around the ring covered in a sheen of sweat. That's because boxing is such a physically demanding sport, especially on the heart and lungs. The minute-long rest between rounds in a boxing match is barely enough time for the competitors to catch their breath.

All of the huffing and puffing that comes along with throwing punch after the punch is building your cardiovascular system over time. The better shape your heart and lungs are in, the healthier you are.being in good shape increases your life expectancy.


Fat Loss

Losing fat from your body makes you healthier and less likely to suffer from things like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even joint pain. Of course, not everyone needs to lose fat, but if your doctor tells you that you're overweight it would be a good idea to pick up boxing.

Muscle Gain

In the same sense that it's tough to box and not lose fat, it's hard to keep off muscle. In boxing, you quickly snap out a punch with all the muscles of your lower and upper body, then retract it and move around. You're constantly pushing muscles to their maximum power and speed.

Boxers have wiry muscles that help them create enough power to use their fists effectively. Having more muscle mass can increase your life expectancy, help prevent type 2 diabetes and improve your life by making you stronger and more capable. It can also make you feel more attractive and boost your self-esteem.


Stress Relief

Training like a boxer can be calming as you will be hitting punching in the air or at a punch bag- of course with control- or chasing around your training partner. Exercise, in general, has a stress-relieving effect because it triggers the feel-good hormone, dopamine, to be released. Boxing is also particularly de-stressing because you can punch things and work off pent-up aggression.

Typically BoxleanX  workouts involve hitting the pads, air-punching or shadow boxing, skipping, agility drills. Punching inanimate objects is a great way to release any built-up energy from anger or stress. The best part is that you can't hurt anyone if you punch boxing pads. Relieving stress can lower your blood pressure and make you feel happier.



Who can attend this class? 

Anyone over 16 and below 55 without injuries, heart issues and severe asthma.

let me know if you are a beginner or have some experience.

What is involved in this class?

A lot of fun!

anything from static or dynamic stretching, a few warm up sets of exercises, boxing punch combinations including jumping,

small sprints, lateral movements, squats.... it will be a sweaty session. i tell you!

how many people will be in the class?

maximum 10 in a group class.

Updates: due to covid19, there isn't any group class at the moment. one to one outdoors or online available


When, Where and how long?

At the moment, this class is held as 1-on-1 Online or  in the local park. click here to book.


Is this class for men or women only?

no. it is for both men and women. and it is a mixed class.please let me know if  you have any enquiries. 

how much is it?

Click here to see the prices


can I bring a friend?

yes, there is an additional fee. click here


What do I need to bring with me to the class?

comfortable exercise clothing i.e training shorts, tracksuits, training t-shirt, sweat towel, a bottle of water, running or boxing shoes... you can bring your own boxing gloves, skipping rope, and boxing hand wrap. however, I may provide you with boxing gloves temporarily. you can purchase them directly from me for an extra cost.


what if I have an injury or a medical history?

it is important to inform us if you have an injury or a medical history in advance. please seek your GP's advise on that matter.


What if I have any other enquiries about the class or personal training?

please click on the link below to fill in a form and I will respond as soon as I can.

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