Why Personal Training


So finally you have decided that enough is enough and you want to hire someone so you can get better results. If you want to get better at the piano, you don’t want to sit there and guise which key is which. You hire someone to teach you. Don’t you!

It’s the same principle with training. If I want to take it to the next level with my physique, rather than trying 1000 different ways, I hire someone who can help me. There will always be doubt when writing your own training programs. Having an objective eye at all times to evaluate your training needs is invaluable.



This is the big one. Of all the benefits of having a personal trainer, this is why coaching will always lead to better results. Even if you know what you’re doing, having a PT ups the ante and increases your accountability to the process.

The financial and emotional investment you make to a PT means you don’t want to let him or her down. And yes, it’s an emotional investment because remember, if your PT cares (which they should –a good PT should care about your results MORE than you), you will want to do everything he or she lays out for you, or feel bad for it.

For me, I know every Saturday morning my clients got to ‘whatsapp me with their weekly report and pictures. This keeps them in check all throughout the year, no matter what the goal is.



Over the years I’ve paid for courses, consults, training sessions, phone calls and coaching all with the goal of learning new things to implement in my own and more importantly, my clients’ training.

I see personal training as an investment into my clients’ knowledge with the goal of improving their level of expertise in a specific field, theirs being body composition.



An overlooked benefit to personal training is the confidence, support and encouragement you can attain from being pushed out of your comfort zone and working towards a big goal.

The most fulfilling part of personal training is seeing the client transform both mentally and physically over time.

During this time, there are going to be ups and downs the client will face, whether it be dips in motivation, a struggle to see the bigger picture, or even lack of confidence in achieving their goals.

A personal trainer can really help with this, and be the constant support required to ultimately achieve your goal.



Outsourcing your training and nutrition to a personal trainer can reduce a lot of the stress,

confusion and time often wasted when training yourself.

The problem most people face is doing the same workouts day in day out without any progression. In this program I teach you how to progress and keep your body stimulated so you don’t plateau.

I do assessments throughout the programmes to ensure you are making the necessary changes required to get you to your end goal. We discuss your goals, map out a plan of action and make sure that you are hitting small targets first i.e. nutritional changes, small progressions in your training so that  I am able to push you even more and ultimately reaching your end goal.

my workouts incorporate many methods of training including resistance  training with weights or your own body weight, cardio, Kettle bells, Boxing, HIIT training. This variance of working out allows you to have many tools at your disposal, keeps your body guessing and working to its max, and workout is designed to release your optimal hormonal output for ideal body composition changes.


you nutrition is designed and customised to your specific needs for the goals we discuss throughout your plan. I will make changes to your plans after the assessment and if it is needed. I will have a good chat with you to make the plan fit into your lifestyle not the other way round.



YES- It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, the programme and assessments are to make the programme tailored to you. The only person you are competing against is yourself, I will move you forward at your own pace so you get the best possible outcome from your programme.

Your progress is dependent upon hard work and keeping records and being accountable to yourself and me as your trainer.Your personal fitness programme design include;

•    Consultation and assessment,

•    Progressive fitness programming

•    Warm-ups

•    Mobility strategies

•    Fitness App Access

•    Support and Follow Ups

Your programme will be designed around you and your goals aka tailored, if you want a programme to do in a gym, if you want to do at home with a limited equipment or non, I lay the programme around what you have. All of my programmes are planned for each client. Not ‘one fit for all’. 


This Programme allows you to work out from the comfort of your house or office when you don't have access to a gym or if you are supper busy to go out and do your workout with me face to face. while benefiting from working with me as your coach, you are responsible to take action on the plans, diet programmes that I'm going to design and so on so forth. it is all about you and putting effort into work. otherwise this is not for you. having said that, i will be here to give you all the support you need to achieve your goal.

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