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How to Reduce Body Fat?
There is no shortcut to losing your body fat, but the benefits of doing so are priceless.
First, don’t get disappointed if I say eating more of a particular spice or drinking more of a special tea won’t help you lose excess body fat. Or if you are reading this and thinking that I’m going to give you a body transformation hack, you are mistaken. Reducing your body fat is a great goal and it is achievable one, but it takes commitment.

There isn’t a quick and simple trick to it. You’ve got to eat a healthy diet, get moving, sleep well and look after your mental health too.
Why is reducing your body fat percentage a good goal?
If you want to be healthier, then losing a bit of your body weight is probably good idea; ideally, you should be losing fat instead of muscle mass (body weight) which indicates that you are getting fitter.


A lot of studies has shown that people who have a very high percentage of body fat are more at risk of things like metabolic disorders and diabetes.
What is a healthy body fat percentage?


Essential body fat would be 5-6% for a man, and 12-15% for a woman, According to National Health Services in the UK, but that is absolute minimum and you don’t want to go below that. So when people talk about aiming for 3% or 5% body fat, it is far too low. Many bodybuilders who are preparing for their competitions or shows would drop their body fat to between 3-5% on the contest time but again, they are professional athletes and surely they are aware of the consequences.

As well as sex, age is another factor that can affect your body fat percentage. As we age, our body fat percentage should increase slightly, and that is not necessarily an unhealthy thing, it is part of the ageing process I guess. It’s also important not to get too obsessive about those numbers.
Overall high level of muscle mass and having a healthy height-to-waist ratio are far more important than focusing on very low body fat as I mentioned above. Making healthy lifestyle changes will help you lower your body fat in general.


Here blow are some easy steps that you can take to help you reducing your body fat.

1. Adjust what you eat In line with what you’re doing that day,
Depending on how active or inactive you are on a particular day, your food/calorie intake must match your activity level and the amount of calories that you would burn rather than eating the same amount no matter what you’re doing...







Let’s face it: it is hard to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan with super busy lives trying to cater to all the demands of life. Everywhere we turn there are tempting foods and drinks from holidays, birthday parties and football games, we are bombarded. When you add in the stresses of family and work, it makes it tough to squeeze in exercise and you have a recipe for disaster as far as our scales are concerned. The good news is that you really can lose fat and be successful with our proven transformation system.

It will take some effort, but you will thank yourself a thousand times when reach your goals and you have no regrets!




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We have to fuel our body but think about what you’re doing on that particular day and what fuel you need. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are the fuel, and you can’t afford to eat too much because if you do you’re going to store the excess as body fat.
If you know that you are going to have an active day, then you might need a bit more, but if it’s been a day at home, then you can’t really afford to have things like sweets, chocolate, crisps. The processed foods we snack on that day don’t really have any nutritional value. Think about it for a sec!

2. Get moving
To be honest any sort of exercise will help. For many people it’s about just spending a bit more time being active and that is the best thing you can do. Even if you can just do a 20-minute walk in the evening before your dinner each night or during your lunch break instead of sitting around and talking about your boss ;)
HIIT workouts are great way to spend that 20 minutes on if you’re really short on time and want to maximise the effect of your workout. I’m sure we all can find that 20 m extra time to work out.

3. Teaming-up with your best mate or colleague can help too,
Getting together with like-minded people, will be really helpful as you all will be encouraging each other whether it is about weight loss or fat loss or just a general fitness. You always can find someone with the same interests or goals and do it with them, and you’re more likely to sustain it over time because you don’t want to let anyone else down. 





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4. Take your time when it comes to your food, put effort into making a good quality food
It isn’t a good idea to have your meal in only 5 minutes in front of the TV, It is not good for the absorption of the nutrients. Make an effort and go back to sitting at the table, try to make the meal as you are making it for an event. A lot of people eating their food that fast and they’re soon looking for something else to munch on, because they haven’t thought about what they’ve just eaten and they don’t realise that they are overeaten. Some people are doing that three times a day every day.


I hope all of the above gave you a better understanding of the easy steps that we can take to reduce our body fat without compromising our health and without being overwhelmed.
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